Laughing all day, catching up

I love the smell of rain.

where the sweet little prince's jumping around and around

I love music that makes me feel.

Trying to stop

I love summer.

Give me some respect thank you

I love taking it easy eating a long breakfast on saturday mornings.

under the sea

I love sleeping.


I got the idea of starting this blog a rainy dark late friday night in septemner 2010. Acctually this night. Alone in the house, every light is pulled of exept from my computer. Im laying in my bed having a lot of inspiring toughts.

I'm going to write down things that I love, just as simple as it sounds.
If you are thinking of it, there are accually alot that you love. More or less of course, but still.
So well, enjoy!

Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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